SAKTHI INDUSTRIES "Quality & Service Is Our Top Priority"

  • Sakthi Industries was founded back in 1985 and now offers more than 30 years in-depth experience in Manufacturing Steel Furniture.
  • Sakthi Industries has been leading the way in home and office furniture‚Äôs since 1985.
  • We have gained a justifiable reputation for excellent build quality, coupled with the best value-for-money, which places us at the forefront of a very competitive marketplace.
Our products offer high design values, longevity and excellent performance.
We are confident that Our products will outlast all competitor products in the marketplace at present.
If you compare the cost of our products against competitors, the economic benefit is clear, To do the same exercise over 30 years makes it even clearer that our products are proven, robust and excellent value for money over time.
We deal with some of the best brands like arris plastic chairs, nilkamal furniture and kurlon and Peps mattresses